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    "Sea"Nery Infant Shoes

    Rs. 829.00

    Product Highlights:

    • Material: Upper - Canvas, Sole - Cloth and PVC
    • Color: Sea Blue with White Toe End
    • Design Feature: Little Black Fish Pattern
    • Style: Casual, Nautical

    Description: Introducing the "Sea"Nery Infant Shoes from our First Foorpint's Collection at Chachikko! Allow your little one to dive into a sea of adventures with these captivating and cozy shoes.

    Crafted with a canvas upper and a cloth and PVC sole, these shoes are designed to offer comfort and support for your little explorer's developing feet. The "Sea"Nery Infant Shoes are adorned with a gorgeous sea blue color, contrasted beautifully with a white toe end. The charming little black fish pattern swimming across the shoes will surely capture your baby’s imagination and evoke a sense of maritime exploration.

    Ideal for everyday wear, playdates, or even nautical-themed gatherings, these shoes are as functional as they are adorable. The "Sea"Nery Infant Shoes are not just a pair of shoes; they're your child's ticket to a world of oceanic adventures and playful imaginations.

    Let your tiny adventurer set sail and explore the wonders of the deep blue sea with each step in the "Sea"Nery Infant Shoes by Chachikko.