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Rocketship Baby Shoes
Rocketship Baby Shoes
Rocketship Baby Shoes
Rocketship Baby Shoes
Rocketship Baby Shoes

    Rocketship Baby Shoes

    Rs. 1,499.00

    Product Highlights:

    Material: Upper - PU, Outsole - Rubber
    Color: Black with Brown Soles
    Style: Rugged, Adventurous, Cool, High-Top


    Introducing the Rocketship Baby Shoes, the flagship of Chachikko's Tiny Adventurers Collection. Designed to ignite the spirit of adventure in your little explorer, these high-top shoes are the perfect blend of rugged style and cool comfort.

    The Rocketship Baby Shoes are constructed with a durable PU upper in a classic black color, making them both stylish and resilient. The brown rubber outsoles are rugged and provide excellent traction for those little feet eager to explore new terrain. Moreover, the high-top design ensures extra ankle support and protection.

    But what sets the Rocketship Baby Shoes apart is the electrifying spider logo positioned on the side near the heels. This is no ordinary logo; it lights up with every step your little adventurer takes! The illuminating spider not only adds an element of excitement but is also sure to make your little one the coolest explorer in town.

    These shoes are designed with the adventurous spirit in mind, and the comfortable material ensures that your little explorer can venture into new worlds without a worry. The lace-up style offers a secure fit, and the durable materials are built to withstand the energy of those tiny adventurers.

    Whether your little one is taking their first steps or embarking on a backyard adventure, the Rocketship Baby Shoes are designed for every small stride towards greatness.

    Suit up your little explorer in the Rocketship Baby Shoes from Chachikko’s Tiny Adventurers Collection and watch them shoot for the stars.